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“Finally, A New, Unique, Exciting Program Guaranteed To Get Students, Parents And Families Involved In Your Next School Event With Virtually Zero Work On Your Part.”

Setting up a School Family Fun Night where people want to attend can be very difficult. Everything has been done before:

And who has time or the volunteers to organize a School Fair now days. A change would be refreshing. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and yet fantastic event you could have where everybody would want to take part?

“I’m Julie Trembley. We had Adam here at our Randolph Elementary PTA event and we had a really good turnout! He was a great magician and the kids just loved him. It was a great time! We hope to have him back again.”

Here's The Answer!

Nebraska_Magician Adam White Promo Pic

Hi, my name is Adam White. I’m a professional magician who for the past 25 years provides organizations and schools, such as yours, with fun, inspiring, educational and entertaining experiences.

I specialize in creating a family fun night program that will be the highlight of the year for your students, parents, and families.

“I’m Mark Murphy, elementary principal of Centennial Public School in Utica, and we had Adam out here for our year end celebration for the kindergarten through sixth graders. He gave an outstanding magic show! Very entertaining! All of my students enjoyed it very much and I would highly recommend him for any event you might have at your institution.”

Why hire Adam White Magic?
Here are 6 reasons:

1. Mind-Blowing Magic

All the magic is designed to be fun and FOOLING for both young and old. Even the adults will be scratching their heads wondering “How’d he do that?”

2. Hilarious Comedy

You’ll be thrilled as you hear the children laugh and see all the smiles during my clean, but very funny programs.

3. More Audience Participation Thank You Can Shake a Stick At

Many of the children get to come up and participate in the show! Everyone feels as though they get to help as we all yell the magic words and make the magic happen!

4. Incredible Professionalism

You will never have to worry about offending ANYONE with my squeaky clean show. It is so EASY you will be relieved you have a professional who shows up on time taking care of your guests not a weekend only amateur. Book it, then forget it!

5. Self-Contained Show

The only thing needed is a power outlet. The show is specially designed to be played in any typical school venue. I bring all my own equipment including backdrops, stage setting and sound equipment. Everything needed to make the show spectacular.

6. FREE MAGIC Souvenirs For All The Children!

Every child in attendance will receive a special prize from the magician. I supply the prizes and you don’t have to do a thing. Imagine how special the children feel when they find out they are getting a prize from the magician himself.

“I’m Pat O’Meara from Park Middle School. Adam White did the impossible; he kept over 200  8th grade students entertained for the final hour of their middle school years.  Highly recommend Adam for any of your functions.”

But Wait... There's MORE!

FREE Press Kit and Promo Materials

Posters, flyers, school announcements and a Special Press Release to give your local news media to get students and families excited for the show!

And If That's Not Enough...

FREE School Assembly!

That’s right! On the same day of your Family Fun Night, I’ll perform my Magic is Reading Program which has been performed all over the Midwest including, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, New Mexico. This school assembly is specially crafted to encourage your students to read and the importance of learning new things. The 45 minute program includes lessons in Comprehension, Punctuation, Following Written Directions and to Never Give up. All illustrated using comedy and magic. You will be thrilled by the reactions of your students and teachers while generating excitement for the evening show.

Another FREE Gift!

Nebraska magician Adam White Donates Magic Book

As a bonus gift, I will be donating a copy of the first magic book I purchased when I started my interest in magic. It is a beautiful hand illustrated magic instruction book called. Now You See It, Now You Don’t written by Bill Tar. This is a $25 value given to your school library absolutely FREE!

WOW! Adam, that sounds great. What do I have to do next?

Normally, when I perform this in schools it is $850. This is a great offer with the 2 magic shows, press kit, magic book, and FREE souvenirs.

But That's Not What You'll Pay!

I have a special offer for schools right now, so your best bet is to fill out the form below and I will give you the details on how your can save $200 right away and give you an opportunity to get this program for FREE!

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