“Discover An Exciting New Magic Show That Get Kids Laughing, Clapping, Participating AND Emphasizes The Importance of Visiting Your Library!"

Attention Library Directors:

My programs specialize in Magic, Comedy, Storytelling and Audience Participation and have thrilled children, parents and event planners, such as you, for the past 25 years.

Here are 5 great reasons to bring this program to your library.

Reason #1 – Lots and lots of audience participation.
All my programs, are interactive shows which means all of the children will get to help out in some way. Also, a number of children will be called up to assist me in making some really cool magic tricks happen.
Audience participation is an important key in a successful program because as you know, children don’t just want to sit and watch, they want to get involved.

“The Show was GREAT! The show was FUNNY! He interacted with the children and that was the best part. The children loved him and I loved him too. He had something all ages. You’ll love him”
Gerri Williams
Children’s Librarian
South Branch of Omaha Public Libraries

Reason #2 – Programs that goes hand in hand with your theme.
There are a lot of great programs and great performers out there but so many of them keep trying to recycle the same old material year after year and disguise it as new. For the past 25 years, I have been writing exciting new magic shows based on different themes. This way you can get all the fun and educational ideas about being creative and imaginative combined with an awesome magic show.

“We were really happy to have Adam here this summer. This is the first time to have Adam at our library and we had a packed house. The children seemed to have really enjoyed it. I got good comments from some of the adults as they came out. And I think it was a big success and we’ll have him again.”
Toni Reese
Sump Memorial Library
Papillion, Nebraska

Reason #3 – A show for the entire family
It’s disappointing for parents who bring their small ones to a program only to find out that the program is expressly for children. It’s also not fair to the performers when the bored parents start chatting around the room and take the focus away from the show. I pride myself on being a family entertainer. I combine tricks and jokes for both parents and children so there is something fantastic for the entire family to enjoy.

“Your show is like a Disney movie. There’s something for both children and adults!”
Claire Shannon
Lincoln Children’s Museum

Reason #4 – FREE prizes for all the children
Every child in attendance will receive a special prize from the magician. I supply the prizes and you don’t have to do a thing. Imagine how special the children feel when they find out they are getting a prize from the magician himself.

“We had a great show put on for our summer reading program by Adam White. We had a lot of fun, a lot of good tricks and a lot of happy children. I highly recommend working with Adam. He was a joy to work with and very good at his craft.”
Amy Barr
Youth Services Librarian
Kilgore Memorial Library, York, Nebraska

Reason #5 – FREE customized marketing kit for your library
Let’s face it, the ultimate success of any Summer Reading event hinges on whether you are getting large crowds into the library. I want to help you pack the house because I love working for big groups just as much as small ones. That’s why when you book your magic program, you will receive a customized marketing kit about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the program.

The kit contains flyers you can copy and hang around the library, some posters to advertise the show, and a great press release to send to your local newspaper contacts and spread the word throughout the community. In the past, I have charged corporations as much as $350 to create a marketing package like this one, but it is yours absolutely FREE!

“We had Adam White for our summer reading finale. The children loved him and had a wonderful time with the interaction with him. We’ll definitely have him back again.”
Edna Schultz
Assistant Director
Lexington Public Library

GREAT! How Much?

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